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Living a healthy, successful and balanced life. My mission is to support you with effective hypnotherapeutic methods, heart and humour.

Living happily is easier said than done. Now and then we all need a little support.

With the help of effective hypnotherapy and resource-oriented coaching, I am here to support you to make thoughtful positive changes in your life.

My approach is simple: I bring effective treatment, useful techniques, sympathy and a pinch of humour. I offer a safe space. We will work together, at your pace, let go off all the habits and mindsets that do not serve you, opening a new path forward that supports positive change and raises your potential for health and happiness.

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Barbara Bauer


Identifying your emotional triggers

10.08.2020 | Barbara

Have you ever noticed how a certain person’s comment or behaviour, a smell or a sound, can evoke a strong negative emotion and reaction in you? And often you are not even aware of what makes you feel this way?

Is it possible to learn to manage our painful feelings?

Hypnotherapy in times of COVID-19

14.05.2020 | Barbara

As of June 2nd you can visit me in my office or book online-sessions. You should know that an online session can be every bit as effective as an in-office visit. It does not matter where you live, online therapies opens doors for you to continue or begin your therapy without the need to travel to your appointment.

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My office is located in the building of the Health Centre Walchwil, right after entering the village on the right handside.

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