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A wish alone does not change anything, but a decision changes everything.


Do you know this feeling?

An important decision is pending, so important that you suddenly become hesitant and doubtful. You find clever excuses and your mind keeps going around in circles. Do you have a desired goal in mind and are afraid of not reaching it?

Perhaps you are familiar with moments such as these. There are many varying reasons why people suddenly feel blocked.

The good news

As part of the coaching session, we will start with your strengths. You may use the entirety of your knowledge, skills, attitudes, personality traits, talents, relationships, networks etc. that are available to you as your individual potential for your future solution. This is why we speak about resource-orientation in this type of coaching. In hypnosystemic coaching, I combine the techniques of Milton Erickson’s hypnotherapy with resource-oriented coaching.

My approach in coaching

While addressing your private as well as professional topics in depth, I offer you exactly what you need in strenuous and challenging phases of life: an attentive ear, a clear view of what is essential and inspiration. You will develop your very personal mission statement, face decisions with calm and acceptance and you learn how to deal with unexpected situations.

If you are concerned about a matter that is not urgent, but is important to you, let us talk about it.

Mentoring  ̶  more than just effective, also developing your values

My idea of ​​mentoring goes beyond the classic definition in a professional context. It is not just about learning skills and making a career. I also think about values, which are rarely taught and internalized, but are very valuable in our modern life: cultivating an appreciative relationship with our fellow human beings, increasing our empathy, developing a healthy self-esteem. Finding the right balance between work and leisure. Learning not to be afraid of making mistakes. To cultivate rituals. Not being too strict when looking at ourselves.

Over the years I myself have been fortunate to have met great mentors. I was not only able to experience valuable exchanges of views, but also was reassured that I did not have to face my questions alone. That often makes a big difference.

Tomorrow is soon, so let’s start today!

My office is located in Walchwil, Canton Zug.

Hypnotherapy & Coaching Barbara Bauer
Dorfstrasse 4, 6318 Walchwil/Zug