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Yoga is not about reaching your toes. It is about what you learn on the way there.

Why Yoga?

20 years ago, I sat on a yoga mat for the first time and, with a friend, I could hardly keep myself from laughing. All these weird Sanskrit expressions, the bows, the seriousness and so much “Ooom”! How did it come to this? The short answer is because of my back pain. The longer answer is that almost everyone had started doing yoga. It was trendy! Today, yoga is an integral part of my life, almost like brushing my teeth. I got into yoga because of my body and the physical aspects. After a few years, meditation came along, actually all by itself.

For some people yoga gives support, for those who are stressed perhaps peace and quiet and for others it is the physical aspect that is most appealing. The motives for getting into yoga are diverse and unique to each individual. Feelings of happiness, self-knowledge, the desire to “switch off the outside” and “listen to the inside”.

Which yoga style suits me?

There is a huge choice in the field of yoga and the trend continues to rise. Finding the right yoga style for you may not be easy at the beginning. It is useful to ask yourself the question “Why do I want to do yoga”? There are styles in which the sporty aspect is in the foreground whereas others take a more meditative or spiritual approach. The West has developed many new approaches from Hatha Yoga, but not every style is equally good or helpful for everyone.

The good news

In order to make it easier for you to get started or to further develop your skills, we begin by briefly highlighting “your why”. With 20 years of personal practice and over ten years of teaching experience in a variety of settings, I would be delighted to put together a yoga practice that suits your lifestyle.

I would be happy to hold my yoga classes at your house, privately as one-to-one lessons as well as in small groups.

Tomorrow is soon, so let’s start today!

My office is located in Walchwil, Canton Zug.

Hypnotherapy & Coaching Barbara Bauer
Dorfstrasse 4, 6318 Walchwil/Zug