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The picture shows a COVID-19 mask. Black on white background

Hypnotherapy for long-COVID syndrome

Long-COVID syndrome is the name given to persistent after-effects of a coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19 infection), even after the typical convalescence period of COVID-19. Older people and people with serious medical conditions are the most likely to experience lingering COVID-19 symptoms. However, even young people and those who experienced only mild COVID-19 symptoms may feel unwell for weeks or even months after infection (1).

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In the picture you can see individual letters like in Scrabble. Made of wood. The letters say "CHOOSE YOUR WORDS".

Words and climate change

Speaking, writing and reading play an essential role in our everyday lives. Wherever language is the means of expression and communication, it has the potential to shape the functioning of a society. It represents our personal, professional, political interactions and is culturally determined. Words and phrases can, both knowingly and unknowingly, have an influence on how we and others perceive the world.

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The picture displays a woman with sleep disorders, open eyes, tired. She cannot sleep.

Sleepless through the night

It is night. You lie awake in bed, your “better half” snores the sleep of the blissful, and your brain continues its incessant carousel-like rounds. Your body wants to sleep. Your mind has other plans, however. Many of us have already experienced this in one phase or another in life. Hopefully only temporarily.

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The picture shows two women communicating with two tin cans via a thread. In times of COVID-19 and spacing, online therapy or online coaching is a safe alternative to seek support and communicate.

Hypnotherapy in times of COVID-19

You can visit me in my office in Walchwil, Canton Zug following infection control measures or you can book online-sessions. You should know that an online hypnotherapy session can be every bit as effective as an in-office visit. It does not matter where you live, online therapy opens doors for you to continue or begin your therapy without the need to travel to your appointment.

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The picture shows a carved wooden figure with wings standing on a mountain with a mountain panorama in the background. It stands for the fitness of the lungs and what we can do for it.

Fitness for the lungs

Not long ago, in the middle of working through my usual long to-do lists, I realised that while I was still working well, I was not as attentive as I was used to. I felt like I was in a race. I paused and convinced myself to take a break. I sat down and took a couple of deep breaths. With every breath I felt calmer and my mind cleared.

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