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Mind the gap

Throughout the day, we often are so self-absorbed in our work, the projects we have to do, with our worries that we hardly notice the small gestures, the moments of stillness, the beauty around us. We are caught up in so many small details that make up our day and often do not see what is happening under our nose. Often it is only in times of crisis or total breakdown that we might feel how little time we actually have left and realise how crucial it is how we spend it.

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Be good to yourself – care for others

The COVID-19 crisis has created a period of stress and anxiety for millions of people around the world. While this is definitely an unprecedented time for our generation, other crises that generate uncertainty may arise in the future. Many people are wondering how (long) they will be able to cope with their existing health problems if the support systems which they normally rely on are reaching their limits. During this time, anxiety can cause an uncomfortable feeling in the pit of the stomach. It also can create a sense of behavioral paralysis and a kind of disorientation. We now often hear...

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Positive intentions

In the recent weeks, many of us have found that our lives are falling apart or at least changing to such an extent that our lives may not be the same again. Having lost the anchors of familiarity and routine, we all had to get organise ourselves in an completely new manner and find ways to handle this new situation. For some people it seemed easier than for others. Creating a new routine, finding positive aspects, going with the flow, even in these difficult times.

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