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Healthy managers, healthy employees

Exhausted, tired, unfocused, empty.

Do you know these feelings? Not only stressed managers suffer from them. Today, people from all social and professional backgrounds are confronted with various kinds of excessive demands. More and more motivated, responsible and committed people, of all ages, are affected.

A growing number of people are looking for ways to increase their stress resilience. This applies to both private and professional environments. It is usually only a matter of time before personal problems have an impact on work and vice versa!

Fluctuation, frustrated employees, presenteeism

Companies have recognized this as a business management problem. Absences of several weeks cause the costs to skyrocket. Fluctuations and so-called presenteeism, when sick employees appear at work but are not efficient, are not only costly but can also damage the reputation of a company considerably.

The goal is not to “make” employees even more efficient and productive or to “make” them immune to stress. That does not work in the long term and only results in even more problems over the time. Rather, the goal is for the each individual to raise awareness of his/her needs and his/her resources, in order to adjust them accordingly. Everyone benefits from this.

Resilience can be learned. Stress prevention pays off.

Resisting unfavorable conditions, be it due to professional deadlines or private conflicts. To emerge strengthened and enriched from experience and to face problems and anger more calmly, especially in times of uncertainty. There are a variety of programs. However, not all of them are equally good or helpful.

The good news

My professional experience includes more than 20 years as an analyst and project manager in a large international organization and a family foundation. In addition to my work, I successfully offered customised health programs for more than ten years. I experienced what people lack to be creative, cooperative, effective and happy and what it needs to raise the potential within teams.

I would be happy to work with you on ways to promote resilience and prevent stress. A pragmatic and effective offer. For individual employees and teams, so that everyone benefits in the long term.

Healthy managers, healthy employees. You will be amazed at how your company will become a place with potential to reach new heights, from which nobody will want to leave. 

Tomorrow is soon, so let’s start today!

My office is located in Walchwil, Canton Zug.

Hypnotherapy & Coaching Barbara Bauer
Dorfstrasse 4, 6318 Walchwil/Zug